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Article: Black Women-Owned Interior Design Companies that we Love

Black Women-Owned Interior Design Companies that we Love

Black Women-Owned Interior Design Companies that we Love

There are many causes for celebration in February: Valentine's day, the end of winter, and great American leaders that came before us. Black History Month reminds us of incredible women like "Stagecoach Mary." Mary Fields was the first African-American to work for the United States Post Office. Born a slave, she earned her freedom when slavery was abolished in 1865. Thirty years later, when she was 63 years old, she earned her job with the USPS. She never missed a beat; her reliability earned her the nickname Stagecoach Mary. This impeccable work ethic is what we strive for at Creative Women.

The best news is that now more than ever, we have distinguished Black Leaders to look up to. Women like Candace Mary Griffin and Denese Butler are carving the way to a flawlessly curated home. Interior Design is not something separated by color, in fact, it's the focus of using colors, patterns, and styles to create an articulately designed home. To celebrate unity in design and to remember Black History Month, here is a list of five Black Women-Owned Interior Design Companies that we love.

1. Candace Mary Interiors

Longfellow by Candace Mary Interiors

2. Nubi Interiors

2021 Wish List Primary Bedroom by Nubi Interiors

Carmeon Hamilton at Nubi Interiors creates superbly designed homes in Memphis, Tennessee. As a self-proclaimed Modern Bohemian, her style offers an array of rich jewel tones, warm wood stains, and eloquent artwork. Nubi Interiors created novel designs that are available on Amazon. Follow her on Instagram at @carmeon.hamilton to stay up to date on the latest modern bohemian trends.

3. Dressing Home Interior Studios

One Room Challenge Final Reveal by Dressing Rooms Studio Interiors

Ariene Bethea, the founder of Dressing Rooms Studio Interiors, owns a vintage boutique in Charlotte, North Carolina. She creates pieces with "playful uses of pattern and color." Both her physical and online boutique offers a plethora of one-of-a-kind products. Follow Ariene on Instagram at @dressmyroom for more vintage, color-pop detail designs.

4. The Perfect Vingnette

Glass House, Edgewater, NJ by The Perfect Vignette

The daughter of a carpenter and the wife of an architect and builder, Denese Butler says "that it was inevitable for her to establish her own design firm." Founder of The Perfect Vignette, Denese has found the ideal combination of Scandinavian and Mid Century Modern. Follow her on Instagram at @theperfectvignette to be the first to know when her online store opens.

5. Aquilo Interiors

Alameden Residence by Aquilo Interiors

Aquilo Interiors values soul, passion, and wonder. Carmen Rene, the founder of Aquilo Interiors, partners with artists and exclusive brands to create an environment that focuses on you. Carmen is a self-proclaimed eclectic maximalist and works with bold statement pieces. Follow her on Instagram at @aquilointeriors for more eccentric designs.


Here at Creative Women, we believe it is vital to speak out against injustice and to fight for what's right. Remember who came before you, and where you came from. As we reflect on Black History Month, we're overwhelmed by the powerful women who paved the road before us. It's inciting to live in a time when we have incredibly talented women who are exceeding the design standard. We hope that these women have inspired you just as they have inspired us.


Written by Anna Barroso at The Ethical Eden

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