New Collection | Handwoven Natural Fiber Baskets

New Collection | Handwoven Natural Fiber Baskets

In keeping with our mission, and as the result of our deep desire to curate beautiful pieces from an array of talented artisans, we proudly introduce Creative Women's newest collection. Our handwoven natural fiber sisal baskets!

Carefully and intentionally crafted by a group of women in rural Kenya, our baskets are a beautiful addition to your life and home. Each piece represents hours of work and unites traditional craft with modern living.

A team of two hundred Kenyan women gather in small groups each day to practice the art of basket weaving. This timed honored process is passed down through generations and remains largely unchanged today. The women use fibers of the sisal plant, an abundant local cactus, to meticulously spin each strand. Once the strands are created, they hand weave the baskets into form and finish by stitching sustainably sourced leather to the top edge and handle. The income generated by our artisan women helps rural communities flourish, grow, and provides a fair, sustainable, and dignified occupation.

"It's a small miracle that we as consumers can participate in a process that is keeping skills and communities alive and helping them to prosper." – Emma Watson

In an effort to share just a few of the many uses for your basket, we've compiled a small group of images displaying our inspiration! No doubt we'll be toting the 15" Khaki and Black basket along with us to market on Saturday and planting our newest succulent in the 5" Khaki and White.

The Planter

The Traveler

The Market Tote

We are proud to work alongside and encourage this beautiful tradition and present it to you with our own unique designs.


The Creative Women Team

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