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Article: The People Matter: Fashion Revolution 2017

The People Matter: Fashion Revolution 2017

The People Matter: Fashion Revolution 2017

"Act as if what you do makes a difference, it does." William James

Each year, on April 24th, communities from around the world unite to bring awareness to a movement that seeks to make fashion a "force for good" – The Fashion Revolution.

After the devastating Rana Plaza Complex collapse (Dhaka, Bangladesh) in 2013, we have sought to bring healing and change to a hurting industry.

Ultimately focusing on one important and transcending factor: The people behind the product matter.

It's easy to purchase a homeware, jewelry piece, or garment without thinking much beyond its style and color. But each thread, each handspun cone, each textile, has been carefully constructed by a person. A person with a family, with hopes, with dreams of making a life in this world beyond a long and hard day's work at a factory that pays too little and is astonishingly unsafe. That's why we, as Creative Women Textiles, strive to care deeply about our artisans. We seek to trade fairly, create safe, dignified, and hopefully joy filled working conditions, and to encourage and support our artisans in their future endeavors through programs that support their families, communities, education, and healthcare.

Along with many Fashion Revolutionists we desire to bring transparency to our process, to answer questions candidly and honestly, and to continually share the stories and lives behind our beautiful pieces.

It's easy to forget the impact our purchases have on the world around us. At Creative Women, however, we are committed to showing how closely connected you really are with artisan producers a world away. Because beauty need not combat sustainable living, for in pure and fair practices, therein lies the truest of beauties - the life giving honorable work of human hands.

"We believe in an industry that values people, the environment, creativity and profit in equal measure."

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Artisan Spotlight - Kidist:

*Our artisan partners graciously extended the use of the photo and personal story content for the purpose of sharing the beautiful faces behind the products. Below is the story of Kidist, one of Creative Women's long time talented artisan.

Kidist usually goes by the nickname "Kuku". She is Sabahar's master seamstress and has been working at the company since 2006. She does all the sewing samples, complicated sewing and new products for the company. Before working at Sabahar, she did embroidery for "Young Life", an NGO in Ethiopia. Kidist finished 10th grade and then did a 6-month sewing course. She is also trained to teach sign language and work with the deaf (Kidist is deaf herself). She is hard working and dedicated to Sabahar and is always able to tackle the sewing problems that we throw at her.

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