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Basket Weavers

📍 Zimbabwe

Number of Employees


Year Founded


Material used

Woven Palm Leaves



heritage craft

natural materials

women lead

" I'm proud of how far we have come and the fact that we have finally been recognized globally. "

Over the last 20 years, Jane has built an expansive artisan network that touches all corners of Zimbabwe. She leads a team of up to 5,000 women working in everything from weaving to furniture and their pieces have featured prominently in the world’s most exclusive hotels. Jane’s commitment to her partners and community extends beyond just employment. To ensure that artisans are truly independent and empowered, she provides skills training and even gives guidance on growing sisal and ilala, some of the many natural fibers used in their beautiful work. In our first conversation with this inspiring group, the women mentioned they were proud to have finally “put Zimbabwe on the map”. Looking back at their 20 years of work, we now see what they mean. Jane and her team have worked tirelessly to bring Zimbabwe’s beautiful natural fibers and rich artistic heritage into the world of high interior design. There is now a waiting list to get their exquisitely crafted pieces.