The Bath Towel – An Essential Travel Companion

The Bath Towel – An Essential Travel Companion

If you have followed Creative Women long enough, you are no stranger to the versatility or our bath towel (or fouta). Often used as a scarf, sarong, small blanket, or personal beach towel, the possibilities are seemingly endless. But one of our favorite uses for this particular piece is as a travel towel. Our Creative Director brought one along on her last trip and documented her thoughts along the way:

Compact Size

I was not positive that our AirBnb would provide towels, so to be sure, I brought along one of Creative Women's bath towels. Though generous in size (30" x 62") once rolled, it was compact enough to fit in the corner of my carry-on.

Travel Companion

Our plane was quite chilly during our flight over the Pacific so I used the towel as a blanket. It also came in handy as a make-shift pillow during our long layover!

Beach Essential

I brought the towel with me everywhere, to the beach, to the café, on our hike …I used it as my personal towel, sarong, and small picnic blanket. Hiking the Waimea Canyon Trail would not have been complete without having lunch by Waipo'o Falls!

Lightweight yet Durable

Ethiopia has a long and beautiful weaving tradition. They have perfected the art of simplicity, durability, and luxury. Their bath towels are both incredibly absorbent and fast drying, which makes them perfect for line drying! Toss it over a local palm and it will be ready in no time.

On Trend

I couldn't help but smile as I saw countless people sporting their own flat-weave towels. It's stylish and function, which is an essential in my book.


Have you tried our bath towels? Let us know why you love them and if you take a photo tag us at #creativewomentextiles. Cheers!

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